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Thank you for checking out our online store and for your interest in our products. We wish to provide you the best service possible.

To make sure you understand our terms of use and conditions please read the follwoing carefully before making your purchase (shipping and delivery times information is provided below):


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic shipping & delivery times might take longer than stated in our shipping times here below.
Shipping to some destinations has been disrupted or entirely stopped.
Any orders to such destinations will be saved and will be dispatched as soon as the postal services of the respective country resume 
operation. We will do our best to inform you if your order can't currently be dispatched.

We strongly recommend to all our costumers to choose the "Shipping with Tracking Number" when choosing your order's shipping option. Doing so will both enable you to track your order internationally and will ensure a 20 EUR insurance of your package in case of loss by the postal services (pending an investigation by the postal services). 

In case your order is late to arrive please let us know and we'll make sure to file an official inquiry request to the postal services (this is possible only when chosoing the "Shipping with Tracking Number" option).

We thank you for your collaboration and understanding in these difficult times. 
Stay safe!


Online Rent (paid streaming) orders are now available on Vimeo On Demand @ www.vimeo.com/ondemand/koudelkafilm.


- Currently we are selling only products related to the film "Koudelka Shooting Holy Land".

- All our products are protected by copyrights law. When purchasing our DVD and Blu-Ray disks you acknowledge that these products are for private use only. Any public and/or commercial use these products, including educational use is forbidden and will be considered as a violation of copyrights.

- For public / educational screenings and/or purchases for EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS or LIBRARIES please contact us at info@koudelka-film.com . We'll be happy to help you.

Please note that the use of any of our product for educational / library purposes require special licensing by the author. Any such use without acquiring the relevant licensing is forbidden and will be considered as a violation of copyrights. We reserve our right to use any legal means available in order to prevent such misuse of our products.

- The copying and/or duplication of any of our produced is strictly forbidden and will be considered as a violation of copyrights.


We ship all our products with well-established postal service suppliers (at the moment Deutsche Post/DHL).
A shipping fee is added to the product price after choosing the desired product. 

You can choose between two shipping options:

"Basic Shipping" (default option*) - Regular "goods" shipping.
WITHOUT A TRACKING NUMBER and WITHOUT INSURANCE. By choosing this shipping option you acknowledge that there will be no option to track your package and in case of lose by the shipping services no refund can be made.
* This shipping option doesn't apply to the product "Original Film Poster - Signed", which is available only with tracked and insured shipping.

"Shipping with Tracking Number" (Recommended due to irregularities in shipping caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. See updates above).
When choosing this shipping option your order will receive a unique international tracking number with which you will be able to track your package. This option also includes insurance of your package, made by the postal services of 20 EUR. In case of package loss (and after investigation made by the postal services) you will be able to claim this insurance.

If you wish to choose this option please make sure to choose the "Shipping with Tracking Number" option in the OPTIONS section for each Item you order.

Once you receive a tracking number you can track your package both via the Deutsche Post website and via your local postal service web site.

Please note that the "Shipping with Tracking Number" option can be subject to regulation changes made by the postal service supplier.

- Return policy and damage claims: We do not accept product returns, refunds or replacements claims unless a product is damaged and the damage can be proven to have happened prior to shipping

Any claims for transit damage must be addressed to the postal service supplier.


(regulations from March 15, 2021. Please see COVID-19 update at the top of the page) 

- Delivery times*

Within Germany -- 2-5 working days.

Within the EEA (European Economic Area) -- 5-10 working days.

United Kingdom -- please note that from January 01, 2021 the UK is no longer considered part of the EEA. Deliveries to the UK will therefore be considered as "anywhere else" (see below).

United States - Due to COVID-19 regulations goods mail shipments to the USA will be shipped by sea until further notice. This can lead to long delays in shipment.

Anywhere else -- 7-21 working days.

* All delivery time estimations are based on the information published by the postal service supplier and may be subject to changes.

* Delivery out of Germany / EEA are subject to custom regulations and processing times in the destination country.


Please note that this product is delivered cross-folded.

By making your purchase you acknowledge you've read and agreed to our terms of use and conditions as stated here above.

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